NXTsports – Nike Training Day


  • Nike Training Day kicked off the NXT & Nike club aspect of our multi-year partnership.
  • High school teams received a pair of custom cleats exclusive to NXT before they publicly are available to purchase.
  • All club families were also invited to participate in the day with drills, Trashcan lacrosse, parent guidance talks by the coaching staff, and meeting Nike Athletes.


While holding the Vice President of Marketing role at NXT, we were presented with the opportunity to partner with Nike Lacrosse in an unprecedented multi-year contract. Nike Training Day was put together in 2 months and involved direct relationship with the internal operations team, Nike representatives, third-party vendors including facility and rental agreements, and staffing.

My direct responsibilities were:

  • Press Release distribution to various channels
  • Cleats – management on arrival and the reveal
  • Nike Athletes – making sure we had athletes available + setting up meet & greets
  • Staffing – Providing coaches T-shirts & breakfast
  • Facility – getting proper signage in place as well as making sure the entire facility was well-branded.
  • Video & Photography – 3 videographers were hired in addition to 3 full-time marketing staff to capture overall reactions, the day itself, training & drills
  • Social Media Coverage – continuous behind the scenes looks of what the day entailed


The continuation of this specific day and program will attribute to an increase in club team sign-ups, an estimated $1.5M annually, with ability to expand.

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NXT | Nike Training Day Release Video






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