why i stopped freelancing.

Freelancing has been part of my life for over 5 years. I first started getting into this world just after my first daughter was born and the realization of just how many diapers we went through weekly came into play.

staying organized.

My job is to oversee and facilitate these launches and to make sure we're hitting our deadlines which sometimes can be a beast - especially when you're working on 4+ simultaneously! Outside of work, I also have two school-aged children who have just as a demanding schedule with homework to complete, lunches to be made, and occasional fights being broken up over who gets to be Elsa or Anna. Staying on top of things and being organized is a huge part not only of who I am as a leader, but also as a person! I wasn't always this way. The fresh-out-of-college version of me was a seat of the pants kind of girl who didn't rely as heavily on her planner as she does now. It took a lot of self discipline to make sure I was prepared so if you're reading this and possibly scrambling to come up with a plan to get organized in 2020, here are some tips that helped me.


Each year I try to focus on a word that I keep in the front of my mind throughout the duration of the year. I started this in 2018 as a phrase that paid homage to my children & I’s most overplayed song according to Spotify (we didn’t need a Year in Review to know that though based on the many kitchen dance parties we had). “Shake It Off” was the phrase that I needed as I went through a transformational time in my life and big changes I, at the time, didn’t think I was prepared for. Spoiler alert: I was more prepared than I gave myself credit.

3 things your email subscribers must do.

I tend to write a lot about email marketing. A lot. And sometimes I do think, there's no way anyone else is interested in another post about it, but just like every other form of digital marketing, email marketing can be just as impactful. I feel like it's such a forgotten form or deemed as outdated, yet, at my current full-time job, email marketing plays a huge role in reaching our audience and generating sales on a daily basis. It's just one of the reasons I'm super passionate about making the inbox impact.