Kitchen & Company – Social Media

One of the first projects I tackled while working at Calvert Retail was their social media presence.

Low engagement, lack of likes and followers, and infrequent postings did not resonate with the vibe and tone that was portrayed for our guests during an in-store experience.

My role included:

  • Posting real tweets vs auto-feeding from Facebook status updates
  • Creating compelling posts based off of new products and in-store demonstrations
  • Showcasing the people who worked for Kitchen & Company
  • Creating ad sets for targeted sponsored posts
  • Establishing buyer profile for our Facebook users to better create content
  • Creating and analyzing all ads to determine ROI
  • Monitoring ad budget spending and allocating from other digital assets budgeting if need be to increase conversions
  • Increased frequency while decreasing cost per lead action through various content adjustments and more targeted zip code selections
  • Ran contests for partnerships with vendors to increase product awareness as well as customer engagement

These initial changes increased followers and likes over 200% in the first 3 months and continued to grow during my duration at Calvert Retail.

I attributed one-third of sales from our e-commerce website to social media based off website traffic and conversion metrics in Google Analytics.

The content seen on their pages now still implements the voice, tone, and graphic imagery I established back in 2014.







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