why i stopped freelancing.

Freelancing has been part of my life for over 5 years. I first started getting into this world just after my first daughter was born and the realization of just how many diapers we went through weekly came into play. My freelancing started with data management for a small company that had too many Excel sheets they wanted to put together, cleaned, and imported into MailChimp. I would do one-off projects, growing my clientele, working to create new relationships, and working on projects here and there while being a mother and working full time.

It wasn’t until a year into searching for new clients as one project ended that I realized I wanted ongoing work for one or two clients instead of chasing new opportunities every couple of weeks. I was fortunate to work with some incredible companies including a start-up boutique looking to expand into the eCommerce world, a start-up energy bar company that needed help making flawless MailChimp templates and graphics, a new yoga studio that needed SEO and Ads management, and most recently a media company focusing on the food & beverage industry where I assisted in monthly analytics and email strategy. These experiences kept me on my toes and often challenged me in ways my previous roles weren’t. I love rolling up my sleeves, continuing to learn, and getting the most out of my past experiences which is why I was always drawn to freelancing.

But earlier this month I realized something. I wasn’t happy freelancing anymore. I was incredibly happy with my client and our communication. I loved the relationship we had built over the last year. But my heart just wasn’t into it because I wanted to spend my time after my 9-5 focusing my efforts on my family and friendships. So I fired myself. It came as a surprise to my clients and I’m sure they thought I was crazy – they very well may still. But I had to. I needed to give them the opportunity to find someone who would not only exceed their expectations but want to do that. 

I became so ingrained in the hustle that I forgot happiness plays a role in your life, too, and as we all know, our time is not granted here. Shifting my focus and priorities falls in line with my word of the year – better. I want to be a better person and that starts with focusing on myself first, as well as the efforts I put into my full-time work and as a mother. While I’m sure I’ll find my way back into the freelancing role at some point, it has been nice to focus on my full-time job, family, and my fitness. I am so honored to have had the opportunity to impact various companies and their marketing efforts over the years and feel like when and if the timing is right again, will be able to jump back in better than ever! 

Thank you to everyone who believed in me! I’m so excited to continue growing my career in a new role later this month and couldn’t have done so without so much of your support! 






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