I’m a marketing strategist who focuses on enhancing customer experience and branding for companies of all sizes. The emotional tie that marketing has on decision-making has always intrigued me.

I look for ways to connect brands with their customers by truly representing the company’s voice and speaking to their target audience — think less of a sales pitch and more of a larger impact.

Through years of experience in multiple industries, I’ve studied various techniques and implemented many projects with a proven-success track record.

Using advanced analytics to pinpoint what’s working or what’s not can mean the difference between increasing business revenue and throwing money out the window.

To be successful, you need someone paying attention to the logistics of your marketing. I specialize in that to allow you to save the hours you spend stressing over your brand, and focus on building your business.

Effective digital marketing means measurable results; using inbound marketing to generate more sales! These analytics are supplied to all of my clients on a regular basis. You get true “measurable” results!

areas i excel in include:

  • Business development, strategy & coaching

  • Analytic Reporting

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Media Management & Strategy

  • Target Audience Definition (a must for digitial marketing!)

  • Retargeting/ Remarketing


  • Graphic Design – Digital & Print

  • Virtual Assistant Responsibilities

  • Analytic Reporting

  • Customer Growth & Retention

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past clients have said…

“Kaela did a great job and she really cared about the project. She made all the necessary changes that I asked for and had great communication skills.”

– Matthew, ChimeraTV

“Kaela did an awesome job with our email marketing and blog. Highly recommended!”

– Ivan, MeNMommy

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