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  • staying organized.

    My job is to oversee and facilitate these launches and to make sure we’re hitting our deadlines which sometimes can be a beast – especially when you’re working on 4+ simultaneously! Outside of work, I also have two school-aged children who have just as a demanding schedule with homework to complete, lunches to be made,…

  • Refresh to stay fresh

    It’s much harder than one may think to relax, refresh, and recharge especially when you’ve got a lot on your plate. Check out this post for 5 ways I do those 3 things

  • Getting your small business started with email marketing

    I love email marketing. If you ask me at any time what my favorite area of marketing is, I’m going to tell you email. Any time. Every time. Emails have been flooding your inbox since the 70s (do you believe that?!) and guess what? This method of communication is still relevant among all demographics and…

  • Do you know who you are?

    Sorry, we’ve been watching Moana a lot (um, nonstop) lately and I can’t help it. “Do you know who you are?” is an excellent question marketers need to ask themselves on a regular basis. Before I start working with any new client, it’s important for me to gather as much information about their objectives as…

  • Trailing retailers look toward customer experience

    Let’s face it. Competing with Amazon would be a big (and costly) project to manage. So how can smaller businesses compete?