webuyanycar.com – Email Campaigns

Working for webuyanycar.com was a unique opportunity for me and my first experience with an e-commerce style website.

Our goal here was converting online leads to appointments to buying their car so the VP of Marketing tasked me with creating and implementing an automatic campaign triggered by the interactions made by our customers.

My role in this included:

  • Establishing the campaign layout
  • Writing all content copy
  • Determining the triggers on when to send:
    • If they had not yet scheduled and appointment/next steps
    • If they had scheduled an appointment and what to prepare for
    • If they scheduled and went to their appointment but did not sell us their car
  • Immediately after their valuation
  • Created all graphic design elements
  • All emails were created and coded in HTML and implemented customer information on car/pricing through SQL
  • Ran A/B tests over the course of 3 months to determine both length of the campaign and highest impact emails
  • Sent one-off emails on price changes
  • Updated and maintained lists and removed inactive users based off reporting
  • Conducted weekly email reports to VP of Marketing on how one-off emails and the sequence emails performed

The email sequence in place today has only minimally been updated since 2013 with content and updated links, however, the campaign track and triggers are still based off my initial campaign and suggestions.

This was my first time fully owning an email marketing segment and what started my love for email marketing!







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