NXTsports – Summer 2020

As the VP of Marketing at NXTsports, I was assigned to oversee the million-dollar seasonal launches. At NXT there are 2 seasons lacrosse is played – Fall, which takes place in October & November, and Summer, which begins in May and extends through July. The most difficult process is finding something that is not only on-brand but will be trendy enough for the following year as NXT launches appeal to both middle school and high school aged children as well as their parents.

Traditionally these launches happen immediately following the current season, meaning Summer 2020 launched on August 1, 2019. This process requires planning roughly 6 months prior to the launch. My exact role in the launch process is to first establish the timeline of deadlines and assigning each task per deadline to various departments ranging from division to operations, sales & marketing to post-launch follow up to help both the boys and girls divisions reach their sales goals.

The process includes locking in facilities, dates, creating registration links, updating the website, and creating content. Occasionally new events for the following year are put onto the schedule which require additional logos to be made as well.

After the dates are confirmed, the next step is creating a mood board with my marketing team to create a theme. We source an outside designer to create an entire theme including colors, logo, fonts, email template, and website banner.

For the 2020 theme we focused on a beach vibe implementing colors that were reminiscent of a sunset. Below is a sample of the progression of the theme. Following the launch, marketing also plays a crucial role in assisting the sales team on projects that need additional sales. We do this by increasing email and social media marketing campaigns.

My direct role throughout the entire launch sequence is acting as the lead project manager by keeping various divisions on task, voicing issues to leadership, and making sure they are addressed in a timely manner prior to the release so the marketing department can get the largest impact out of the first launch email that goes out.







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