NVR – The Works

Summer 2016 was a difficult year for home sales in the Philadelphia-area market, as our buyers generally spend time vacationing in nearby Delaware and New Jersey beaches.

The Works was a summer-long campaign geared a second time, move-up buyers. We created a specific campaign with model creative, email marketing, and social media advertising to increase awareness of our brand as well as reiterate how easy the homebuying process can be — especially to those who may have purchased resale in the past and are interested in the building process.

July 2016 – 45 sales, 384 traffic

August 2016 – 38 sales, 334 traffic

July 2017 – 54 sales, 482 traffic

August 2017 – 61 sales, 383 traffic

Our significant notice of increased sales occurred in our 2nd month of the campaign, in August where we almost doubled our year over year sales.

Below, you can see a sample of the various examples utilized to promote this campaign.

This messaging was intended to target first-time homebuyers between the ages of 25 and 35 in the Philadelphia area. The campaign involved video, email marketing, and in-model displays that resonated with the buyer profile. Various forms of the message (html, plain text, and text message communication) were strategically scheduled to reach our buyer on various platforms.

Through data analysis, we were able to determine that plain text and text messaging were the most impactful for this particular audience with this message in this DMA. Our Internet Lead Team and Marketing team now work to collectively distribute our most impactful messaging through these channels first.







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