NVR – Community Launch

The community launch process focuses on strategizing entering new developments.

At 150 days prior to opening, we begin the process involving sales, division and land managers meeting with marketing to explain the community. This meeting includes our region’s highest level executives as well as managers in the field and requires different explaining and reasoning for marketing initiatives and planning which is represented by studying nearby past community sales (where did our buyers in this area come from), analytics on buyer trends, and follow up data on each running campaign.

My direct role in this process involved:

  • Creating the customer profile definition to define the target audience
    Write appealing web copy to the buyer profile
  • Select photos the best represent the buyer, community, and products as well as write compelling photo captions
  • Create Facebook and Zillow ad and copy
  • Write scripts for pre- and post-launch community video
  • Monitoring direct/organic traffic vs paid traffic
  • Provide additional marketing strategies as needed (billboards, bandit signage, additional digital advertising) to make web traffic is sufficient and allows us to meet our priority and filtered lists goals in order to hit grand opening sales goals
  • Reviewing nearby closed communities sales geometrics to define where buyers are coming from
  • Create email sequence to build trust and keep customers engaged
  • Promote pre-grand opening to VIPs and grand opening to division/realtors
  • Prepare post-grand opening marketing to continue urgency
  • Analyzing and preparing campaign follow up distributed to all members of the Launch team
  • Determining future marketing strategies to transition from coming soon, grand opening, to actively selling






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