NLV Productions – AdRoll Campaigns

When the President of video production company, NLV, discussed implementing AdRoll into their company’s marketing strategy, admittedly it was a new area for me. I had previously worked within Google AdWords and was more familiar with a cpc based program. AdRoll serves ads differently in that it is impression-based.

These campaigns were triggered to follow users around after visiting the event-specific web pages for roughly 1 month – 2 weeks prior to the event and 2 weeks following the event.

Implementing AdRoll not only required me to become familiar with the platform but also handle all audience and creative creation for over 50 individual summer events. The project required strict attention to detail as well as progressively following campaigns to see where a larger budget spend could increase unit sales.

At the end of the summer, a little over $2k had been spent and resulted in over 766 conversions totaling over $45k in additional revenue. This success also resulted in continuation of campaigns through future seasons.

In addition to NLV, I have since had the opportunity to implement AdRoll campaigns with other companies including implementing pixels onto the pages they were wanting to retarget.







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