You know you’ve got an amazing product or service to sell but you’re stuck in this slump of having zero sales. All you wanted was to be a boss babe or one of those successful mompreneurs.

But now you’re getting discouraged.

The self-doubt is flooding in.

You’ve invested a lot and it’s just not working.

What are your friends & family going to say if you fail?!

Sound familiar, right?

I know this feeling all too well because I was there, in your very shoes, wondering why I was seeing success bloom for others and my products gather dust on the shelves. It suuuuucked.

But then something happened. I discovered my true passion — helping others & watching others be successful — and I changed my tune of a sad seller to a badass boss lady.

I realized a few things when I was in your shoes & my free guide starts with the simplest, basic hurdler to get over in your business. Defining your “why.”


If it sounds awesome but you’re like “Yeah, no, Kaela. This probably won’t work for me.”

You’re right. It won’t… at least not with that kind of attitude.

But if you’re willing to do a little work, put in some extra time, and really own it, then guess what?

It will work.

If you’re ready to get started kicking ass and taking names (and you know, making $$$) you have to have a clear definition as to why you want it and that all starts with, that’s right, you guessed it.

Your “WHY!”

Download my free tips on figuring out your “why,” why you should even have one, and why you need to let the world know what it is. Plus, I’ve thrown in a bonus at the end that I’m pretty sure you’ll love!