3 things your email subscribers must do.

I tend to write a lot about email marketing. A lot. And sometimes I do think, there's no way anyone else is interested in another post about it, but just like every other form of digital marketing, email marketing can be just as impactful. I feel like it's such a forgotten form or deemed as outdated, yet, at my current full-time job, email marketing plays a huge role in reaching our audience and generating sales on a daily basis. It's just one of the reasons I'm super passionate about making the inbox impact.

grow through what you go through.

I stopped writing back in February. Somewhere between separating from my partner, figuring out a schedule as a single mom to two of the best children, being on my own, and starting to date again, writing fell by the wayside. Not because I didn't want to, not because I didn't need to to feel better, but because I almost, in a way, felt like I was being a fraud.