Hi! That’s me (and my family). They are at the core of who I am and my “why” in everything so it only makes sense they’re part of this page as well. Over the last 11 years, I’ve gained valuable marketing experience in hospitality, retail, and client experience. I have opened restaurants, helped grow youth sports, resurrected veterinary practices with nonexistent marketing efforts, and helped brands develop into their true selves.

Each challenge I have faced has prepared me for the next and helped me to expand my marketing knowledge, real life experiences, and ability to think on my toes!

When I first became a mom, I realized just how much I treasured my time with my children. I took a spin at direct sales because I was intrigued about additional income and attracting new clients. New clients mean different challenges daily. Through that, I discovered my love for helping others and growing their businesses, which had led me to freelance. In each role I assisted with from a freelance and consultant perspective, I’ve engulfed myself entirely in the process and company, buying into every project and aiming for big success.

I demonstrate notable leadership skills, the ability to meet multiple deadlines, & exceed at handling multiple campaigns at one time. My attitude to embrace challenges and find solutions comes from my drive for success and passion to demonstrate the effectiveness of marketing for any business looking for an experienced marketing professional to join their team either full-time or as a contract freelancer.

When I’m not feverishly typing away on my laptop or phone, you can find me enjoying time outside with my kids and two furkids, planning a wedding, or trying to beat my own personal bests on the leaderboard of my Peloton (I’m very competitive with myself!). I drink too much coffee and will always have room for dessert.

I’d love to work together – whether it’s to help promote your brand through affiliate marketing or helping grow your audience with a strategic marketing campaign, feel free to message me so we can start the conversation & get the creative juices flowing!