3 Takeaways From My Psychic Reading

Before you roll your eyes and think, a psychic guide, really? YES! Really! Keep reading 😉 When I moved out after my relationship of 5 years ended, I felt a lot of emotions that were out of my control and that’s hard to manage in standing up again.

I listen to a podcast (ok, real talk, I listen to quite a few podcasts!) and they had a psychic, Chris Medina, on as a guest. I thought, this is going to be some bologna, no thanks. But I listened, like the loyal listener I am, and was obsessed. In addition to being invested in listening to the podcast each week, I also am part of the super supportive and entertaining Facebook group. That’s when people started talking about how they had contacted Chris, had a session with him, and how it was amazing.

I ignored it but then my life started having some big potential shifts and I was like “Alright, I’ll email him and see if he has time but I’m not committing to any of it.”

Chris emailed me back and the next thing you know, he & I have a reading scheduled. I remember literally feeling like my stomach was going to fall out of my butt (you’re welcome) and being unusually nervous. What was he going to say? What if he straight up was like “Girl, you got issues and life looks dismal.” I mean, that’s how I was feeling at that time. We started our call out with the run down of what was going to happen and how I wasn’t going to really do much talking, just answer yes’ or no’s. If you’ve never done a psychic reading and have had to do more talking, than you probably got robbed. This isn’t therapy.

Long story short, Chris touched on important topics to me. Relationships, professional development, getting my thoughts out of my head… the list goes on.

Here are 3 of the most important takeaways Chris gave me + how they directly related to me but honestly, these are important reminders for anyone to hear!

1| Get out. Get out of that crappy relationship. Get out of that job that’s holding you back. Get out of your head with thoughts. Get out of your comfort zone. I remind myself of this one daily.

2| Take risks. Professionally don’t be afraid to grow. Don’t be afraid to ask. Don’t be afraid to say “no” but also don’t be afraid to say “yes” sometimes, too.

3| Travel. Having kids younger than most of my friends, I rarely escaped my little corner of southeast Pennsylvania. Not this year. I recently got back from a trip to Nashville, I’ll be going to Orlando in a little over a month, and I have some more trips planned for 2019 that I can’t wait for!

All this said, I not only loved my experience and I can’t wait to schedule a follow up in a few months to see what he has to say about this newest, latest and greatest chapter I’ve started!

Have you ever done a psychic reading? What did you think + share your takeaways from your reading! I’m into it!







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