launching your business.

It’s 5pm on a Tuesday afternoon at the end of the month and I’ve finally pulled the trigger to start posting.

I’ve been sitting on this idea for a month.

I wrote, rewrote, deleted, wrote, and rewrote the copy 4 times already.

I wanted everything to be perfect.

Content – Done. Ads – Ready to go live. Automated Email Campaign – Firing. Blog post – almost check.

However, I kept finding myself pushing it back. I had this insane fear of “what are others going to think?” when this goes live. Ironically this is the same fear I had when I decided I wanted to get into the crazy world of direct sales years before I made it to this point.

Defining Your Why Launch

But then I listened to my own advice & that of my business coach. If I just spent all this time focusing on something I was passionate about, why the heck was I being so ridiculous and not launching it.

So I posted everything and then sat there and refreshed. Know when you send a text to your crush and you’re waiting for them to respond and you see the typing text bubbles? Time moves a lot slower while you’re waiting, doesn’t it?!

The likes started coming in. The visitors to my website increased (hello, there!) and my email list started to grow. Like, wait, what?! This is really happening!? People are interested in what I have to say?

Can you tell I’m a little excited? The 3 cups of coffee probably didn’t help that but I had a long to-do list today.

Long story short, here’s my 4 tips to those launching a new product, business, guide, whatever!

1. Have a friend who’s willing to check out your website and what have you prior to launching. When you read the same content continuously, guess what happens? You miss the errors. Even if you reread it a bunch of times, your eyes overlook the boo-boos so get a fresh set on there before you launch to the world.

2. Don’t be hard on yourself. The first Facebook ad I created got denied because I used the word “ass.” (seriously) and when I tried butt and booty. When I typed in rear-end guess what didn’t get denied? FACEPALM. I didn’t want to use the word rear end! (If you’ve ever read any of my posts you’d know that’s not in line with my personal branding!) So a minor headache and walk around to clear my mind, I just reworked the copy leaving all hiney references out and moved along.

3. It takes time. Coming from the most impatient person ever, it’s probably not going to be a miracle overnight. I once was working for a company who was launching a new product line of subscription boxes (they hired me the day before the launch… um… craziness, but that’s for a different day!) and in the first hour, there were no sales. There were no sales in the 2nd, 3rd or even 4th hour. It wasn’t until almost 10 hours later that the sales started coming in — of course, after the frantic emails. It takes time to build trust, to make your cold clients turn warm, and to convert. See step 2.

4. Tweak as needed. Maybe your message is off and not quite striking the chord with your target audience. Can you change the photo you used? Is there anything that needs adjusting? See where your clients fall off the map and figure out how to convert them.

Are you planning on launching soon? What struggles are you facing? Sound off in the comments!

And if you’re interested, click here to pick up my free guide to help you define your why and set the foundation for your business!