My office is my most under utilized space in my home — except for right now, because that’s where we put our first, real Christmas tree (!!!) I’m always finding myself taking my laptop and moving to different areas of our home to shift my view and keep my focus. But when I’m in my office, it needs to be my ~zen zone~ so I put together my top 9 items that I’d love to see under the tree this year or would be great for anyone in your life who has their own home office, works from home, or even needs a pick-me-up in their cubicle 😉

What’s on the guide:

1. Fineliner Color Pens ($10) – This set of 24 fine-tip pens is perfect for bullet journals, sketching or writing.

2. Laptop Sleeve ($13) – If I’m headed to the beach or the coffee shop, keeping my laptop safe without lugging around a big bag is ideal for me.

3. Erin Condren Life Planner ($20) – Nothing gets you ready for a new year like a great planner. The LifePlanner includes two pages of goal-setting, ten pages of lined pages, eight pages of dot grid pages, six pages of blank pages & much more!

4. Stress Away Young Living Essential Oil ($30) – The distinct mix of Vanilla and Lime gives Stress Away essential oil blend a unique and pleasant aroma. I rub this along my neck and wrists and diffuse with Lavender after a long day.

5. What Do You Meme? Game ($25) – I spend a lot of time on the internet for work… and laughing at memes. And sometimes, we need a break. This game takes internet memes and combines it with what you love about Cards Against Humanity! Add some festive holiday drinks and a group of friends & family for tons of laughs!

6. S’well Water Bottle ($35) – If you’re anything like me, you make a cup of coffee, it sits and you forget about it until it’s cold. Or you know you should be drinking more water but need to set reminders. S’well bottles are great at keeping your drinks hot or cold and come in a bazillion colors (slight exaggeration 😉 ha!)

7. Bamboo Charging Dock ($14) – I am overly obsessed with this one. Tangled wires and mess, be gone. I think I need two of these. One for next to my bed & one for my desk! Heart-eye emojis all day long!

8. Fresh Air & Sea Salt Soy Candle ($25) – Sometimes you just have to escape. My favorite place in the world is Cape May with my family and this candle takes me right back there. So good.

9. Amazon Echo Dot ($30) – Normally, $50, this baby is on sale. We already have on in our kitchen for after-work dance parties but it travels from the basement to the living room to the playroom all.the.time. So we need to add some dot friends to our home. Did you know you can use these as an intercom, too? No more yelling from room to room?! Consider me sold!

…. and 10 (not pictured). I think I’ve told all my Secret Santas (aka my other half and my family member who has me for my pollyanna) that I’m jonesing for a pair of black, OTK boots. Dang all those beautiful, fashion bloggers I follow 😉 Spam me with your favorite pairs!

What’s on your shopping list this holiday season? Who are you having the hardest trouble shopping for? Let me know in the comments & happy holidays!


This post includes affiliate links. I will receive a small portion of sales which I will be using to donate this holiday season to those less fortunate.