When I meet with individuals looking to better understand their marketing I like to get a full understanding of what they have done, are doing, and want to do in order to create a personalized strategy for their brand. Maybe they have an excellent graphics and social media team, but they’re lacking the ability to tie their initiatives together. Or they are sending out emails from various platforms and flooding their customers’ inboxes.

Here are some quick questions to ask yourself when evaluating your marketing initiatives.

  • What are we currently doing as far as marketing?

    • Examples include but aren’t limited to: Social Media, Blogging, SEO/Adwords, Email, Print

  • Are these the results I expected? Which platforms seem to be working better? Which need help?

  • Are we investing enough? Note: This question is geared toward both time/resources as well as budget

  • Do you know who your target audience is? What are some characteristics? Are these the people you are targeting? Could any be refined?

  • Are your programs set up properly? For example, is your email marketing “talking” to your ecommerce store for triggered transactional emails?

  • What stories are you trying to communicate with your customers and how are you currently doing that?

These 6 key questions to address will help you properly review and get started on determining your strategy. And they’re not just great tips for small business, they’re great for all businesses — established and traditional to new and direct sales, these questions will help.

If you have areas missing, don’t sweat it. You may not need a presence on every social media channel, but it should be worth noting as your company grows. Adding, removing, or modifying one area could help you hit the sales goals you’re hoping to achieve.

I strongly advocate that talking through these questions and bouncing ideas off an “outsider” is the best way to create something spectacular. With that in mind, I offer 1:1 calls to talk about your business and discuss your next steps. If you’re interested in learning more, contact me today.