I have a new client who is redoing his website and during our consultation I was asking about what new pages he was planning on having in comparison to his current site. They were all relatively the same, with the addition of a services page and about page for his company when I asked, “Do you plan on having a blog?”

I’ll be completely transparent with you. A blog, pending I provided quality work and had a pleased client, would be a great way to continue our partnership together. However, money and business aside, here’s why I believe small businesses should have a blog on their website.

First, small businesses have to build a customer-base and that can be one of the most challenging parts to future success. Unless you have great SEO in place, you may land on the 14th page of a Google search when you’re dying to be on that first page. Your limited marketing budget might squash your ideas of dumping a large amount into AdWords and getting on that first page, but amazing SEO within your page is a cheap alternative to increasing your placement.

Second, a blog not only helps with your SEO, it increases your authority and helps establish the tone of your company (hello, branding!) Whether you want to come off as the friend next door or the business=professional, you can easily do this through the content in your blog. I, for example, like to deliver marketing content in a way as though I’m having a casual conversation with friends vs throwing out some terms that would make your head spin and have you lose interest a few minutes in.

Most recently, I read an article that 70% of consumers don’t trust advertising and 42% distrust brands. Crazy, right? That number is a bit overwhelming and, to be honest, terrifying if you’re not already advertising. The article concludes with mentioning ways trust can and must be built between a consumer. Ready for a free tip? I’m sure you have gathered what my answer will be here already. Blog. Write. Connect with your clients on this level and show examples of your trustworthiness by putting their fears and concerns first, over pushing your sales goals or marketing agenda.

I also face clients who want to blog but don’t know how to get started. If this is you, sign up for my email list and get my 4 tips to start blogging. If you’re already blogging, send me your link in the comments so I can give it a follow!