I love email marketing. If you ask me at any time what my favorite area of marketing is, I’m going to tell you email. Any time. Every time. Emails have been flooding your inbox since the 70s (do you believe that?!) and guess what? This method of communication is still relevant among all demographics and even more important to us these days. When don’t you check your email? With small businesses trying to stay relevant on the ever-changing algorithms of social media, one thing has remained fairly consistent and that’s email.

Email marketing has slightly evolved over the years but its function has not. We rely on emails to tell us about deals, fill us in on the news, and stay in touch with friends, so why would you not have this for your business?

I’m often faced with two reasons why.

1) “I don’t know how to get started.” and

2) “It’s too complicated.”

But it doesn’t have to be. Here are 5 tips to get started.

  1. Find an email service provider that fits your needs. While this may seem like a daunting and overwhelming task, this is the first step. You don’t want to send emails from your gmail inbox unless you’re trying to get flagged as a spam/phishing account! There are tons of options out there, many of which are free or more affordable. You’ll need to have an idea of your list size, how many emails you plan to send, and the capacity to how you want your email to interact with your customers. I’m a huge fan of MailChimp for the cheaper solution and ExactTarget for the more in depth ESP.

  2. Speaking of lists, don’t overlook this tip! I get it, trust me. You want your message to reach a lot of people. You want to sell your goods. I completely understand that. However, when it comes to lists here’s two things to remember. One, only add people that express and interest in being added by signing up for your email list. Two, don’t buy email lists. Sure, your friends at the local newspaper will persuade you with great click through and open rates, but the fact of the matter is those people didn’t ask to hear from you and to them, your email will look like spam. Start with what you’ve got, consistently provide great content that’s beneficial and watch your list grow.

  3. Lists 2.0. Make sure you’re gathering the information you may want to later use. Personalized emails have a super impact so if you plan on launching a birthday or anniversary series, make sure you’re collecting that content off that bat to have a larger pool to send to come your launch.

  4. And about content. When you draft an email, you need to consider why it is important for your customers to see. Is it a flash sale? Is it a new product? You don’t want to just send an email to send one because it will leave your customer saying, “So what?” Be mindful and strategic with how you’re sending out emails.

  5. It doesn’t have to be a designed email every single time. Some of my best emails, believe it or not, are usually text emails vs. beautiful html emails. Sure, I love an eye-opening email that makes me say “Wow!” when I open it, but you know what else makes me have that same reaction? Great click/open rates! I’ve consistently seen wonderful results with great conversions from a simple text email. A simple email helps convey the tone that you’re more than just fancy, generated templates. That you’re real. And that you are sending something specific to their wants & needs.

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