Sorry, we’ve been watching Moana a lot (um, nonstop) lately and I can’t help it. “Do you know who you are?” is an excellent question marketers need to ask themselves on a regular basis.

People buy you first | Kaela Mast Marketing

Before I start working with any new client, it’s important for me to gather as much information about their objectives as well as their target audience. 9 times out of 10 the objectives is the easy part. They want to make lots of money. But then comes the hard part and that’s correctly identifying their target audience.

But why is knowing a target audience SO important to me? Because I use it for a few reasons. One, for generating really great targeted ads with an incredible return on investment. And two, for knowing how to properly word that ad.

Say what!?

Ok. Think of it this way. You’re going to tell your grandmother about a great new product you just tried. Now you’re going to tell your friend. I’m going to guess the word-selection you used to do so is going to vary a bit. Grandma may be hip but maybe she doesn’t know the definition of some new, trendy phase or if it’s a good or bad thing. We’ve all been there with grandma, right?

Backing it up and establishing the tone of how you want to convey your services or products is the core of your business and its success. Once your tone is established, your customers will feel as though they can trust you and will then act on their desires and needs. You’ll then be able to look at those shoppers and identify unique characteristics about their demographics – age, gender, income and spending habits and even location to hone in on the customer base you’re trying to reach.

Let me tell you about that time I sold clothes online for a direct sales company.

After dropping an exorbitant amount of dollars on my inventory, it arrived and I was ready to hit the ground running but even with a marketing background I was initially naive on how to be successful. I thought, “OK, create the Facebook group, invite all my friends and they’ll buy all the beautiful things.” And that worked out great for the first few months but when my hot leads turned cold so did my sales. I panicked thinking of how to attract new customers without offering discounts and undercutting my potential income. I started writing emails, contacting people who had continuously shopped and asked how to make their shopping experience even easier or more fun. I listened. I shifted my focus. I no longer took out ads targeted at every woman from 18- 65+ in the United States and narrowed in locally with folks that had similar characteristics to my buyers. And guess what? My group not only grew but my sales did. I was able to speak in a tone that represented me and allowed me to stand out from the many other consultants who were in my immediate area. I was able to share that knowledge with other women on my team so they, too, could grow their businesses.

And it all started because I understood who I was talking to and how to talk to them.

If you’re ready to dive into identifying your brand and who you are but you’re not quite sure where to start, here are few books I recommend to get started:

If you pick up a copy of any of these books, let me know what you think. I think I’ve always wanted to secretly be apart of a book club (with less commitment/ pressure) so this is a great way for me to live that dream out 😉

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