Does this picture look familiar? We’re constantly on our phones and when it comes to shopping, it’s no exception. Whether we’re in a store comparing prices or looking for reviews on products from our peers, the internet now houses all the information we need to make informed purchases. Over the last 20 years, the shape of retail stores have changed drastically due to our pal, Jeff Bezos. While Amazon and other online-based retailers continue to dominate, retail stores need to enhance their customer experience to stay in the game.

Let’s face it. Competing with Amazon would be a big (and costly) project to manage. From the convenience of two-day shipping to having everything a customer could possibly want centralized on one website, you’d be up against a lot. Many smaller stores, and even larger chain stores, simply cannot compete and are now seeing steeper implications of this.

So how can you turn it around? In the American Marketing Association’s recent article, Hal Conick suggests they can compete by enhancing customers experience. “Many marketers still operate using traditional methods, but brands are being defined by customer experience. This gives marketing departments across the retail industry a chance to affect more than just messaging, but the entire customer experience”

If you’re sitting there as a business owner thinking “Great… now what?” you aren’t alone by any means. Acting quickly and creating personalized messages for your customers will set you apart. Run an ecommerce store? Consider placing an API trigger to remind people of what they’ve left in their carts, what would compliment a recent purchase, or even an engagement email campaign if it’s been a few months since they’ve last shopped with you.

Remember to go where your customers are. Head to social media. Don’t ignore these easy and free platforms to get your message out. Doing so in a way that comes off warm vs a sales pitch will help you connect your brand with your buyer. And speaking of your buyer, you’ll want to have a clear definition of who they are so you can develop your brand’s tone, target audience (crucial with advertising), and products offered.

If all of this sounds, well, overwhelming, you aren’t alone. Many businesses, retail and beyond, struggle to recognize where they need assistance. If you’ve made it this far, chances are you’re able to acknowledge your business does. This is where I step in. I work with you to create a detailed plan catered to your customers.

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