I had full intentions of starting this post of with “Holy guacamole” and then was like.. that’s not going to work. So instead. Sweet salsa, I’ve found my favorite new recipe, courtesy of one of my favorite friends. I take no creative credit for coming up with this combination of amazing flavors but I feel it’s a service to share such a delicious treat. Despite the fact I barely shared with my boyfriend. If you’re looking for a little end of summer deliciousness and you want to get in use of a fresh melon before we’re all things pumpkins and apples, get on this stat.

1) I didn’t measure anything. It was an eyeballing kind of thing so if you need preciseness, you won’t find that here. 2) I am the worst chopper of chopping so I cheated and threw this into my Vitamix on the pulse for a bit. My big ass watermelon chunks wouldn’t have fit on the chip otherwise and I’m too afraid I’ll cut my finger off when I’m home alone to make nice, chopped things.

What you need:

  • Watermelon. I used half of a small melon to get one bowl. Going back in time, I’d use the whole thing because it was THAT good.

  • Agave. You could easily use simple syrup, too, but I went with convenience here.

  • Poblano Pepper. I just chopped up one and it was enough!

  • White Onion. I used half of one but based off my breath, you might have suspected I used the whole thing.

  • Cilantro.

  • Lime Juice (optional – only because I was told to add it, forgot completely, and it still tasted amazing)

Mix them all together. Grab a chip or 20 (I won’t tell) and enjoy! This will definitely now be a staple at our Mexican night dinners, Netflix marathon binges, and when we have friends over that I’m trying to impress with little to no effort 😉

What’s your favorite simple recipe that knocks your socks off?