If you didn’t sing that in your best Marshall Mathers impersonation, it’s probably best you just stop here. As a former radio DJ in college, I will flood the subject lines with song lyrics and have no regrets when doing so. I also teetered between “Hello, it’s me” and this lyric but figured I’d leave the lyric-belting Adele me in the car. No one wants to hear/see that side of me.

But enough with the disclaimer. I. Am. Back. Back to blogging. Back to talking about myself — I mean, sharing stuff you want to see and read! When I proposed to reenter blogging I had to preface. No, I won’t be blogging about dating. That ship docked about four years ago. No, I also won’t be blogging about how I’m Maddy’s mom, because now I’m a mom to Maddy AND Molly (and the 3+ years it would take to catch you all up on that… well, ain’t nobody got time). So what’s that leave?

I’m not going to commit to just one subject which I guess makes me trendy by having a ~lifestyle blog. But I am going to share a lot with you. From recipes to reviews, to trying to be like Johanna Gaines and decorating my new old home, managing two needy pets, sharing my cute family with you, all while doin’ a little freelancing/marketing here and there, and mostly just figuring out life. That’s what I’m here for.

So where have I been? Momming, marketing, and well, making excuses to why I can’t write. But not anymore! I’m no longer slinging leggings in my LuLaRoe group. After a year of wearing head to toe LuLaRoe, I am rediscovering fashion as I enter my *gasp* 30s. I’m realizing I can cook more than just some Beefaroni in the microwave. And I’m doing things like playdates and crafts with my adorable girls.

I hope you’re as excited as I am. If not, just pretend for me. Drop a comment and tell me what you want to see me do with this blog.